How to Study in Canada

how to study in canada

decide your course and institution

The first step is to make a list of your chosen courses/programs that you want to apply for and the college/university that you want to target. This might seem confusing at first and you can reach out to our Canada based education experts for best recommendations and guidance. Our experts will guide you what programs suit your background/interests and offers a promising career. Our team will help you connect with the admissions desk in your chosen universities to help you decide. 

apply and obtain an admission letter

Different schools have different application requirements like having a competitive English Language score, a well written Statement of Purpose and previous college education transcripts. Our advisor will guide you at every stage and even help you prepare for your IELTS/Language Testing exams. 

If you are looking for scholarship/education loan, our team will suggest the best possible options for you. Normally it takes 2-3 months to fulfill all requirements and obtain a formal admission letter.

apply for student visa/permit

You can apply for Student Visa/Permit only after you are able to secure and Admission Letter from a Designated Learning Institution (Canadian Government authorised educational institution). At this stage, if you fulfill all student visa requirements, your passport will get stamped by a Visa. With this visa, you can travel to Canada and need to satisfy the scrutiny of Immigration Officers to be granted a valid Study Permit. That will allow you to finally join your educational institution and pursue studies.

Make canada your educational home

Study in Canada