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Experli understands that the biggest challenge newcomers face in their job search in Canada is the lack of connections. Experli provides free of charge Mentoring opportunities for newcomers in their dedicated areas of employment search. We have a pool of Mentors who have kindly agreed to take out their time to guide newcomers and we shall be happy to connect you to them.


Please read the frequently asked questions before registering yourself.

Please fill out the Mentee Registration Form to leave your details.

1. You should be resident in Canada on a permanent basis.

2. You should be legally allowed to work in Canada.

3. As of now the mentorship platform is focused on those seeking professional employment. Thus your acceptance as a Mentee may be subject to the discretion of Experli and also dependent upon the availability of Mentors and a certain Mentor-Mentee ratio that we would want to maintain.

Once you are an accepted Mentee, we will reach out to the Mentors available with us for their interest in having a coffee chat/mentoring call with you. Once we get a favourable response, we shall directly connect you to the Mentor. From there, planning an interaction is upto the Mentor and Mentee as per their convenience. Since this is a purely voluntary service, expecting that a matched Mentor must interact with you cannot be expected.

There is no way we can tell you beforehand with whom you are going to be matched as it depends on the various dynamic factors. However, we will try to understand your background and try for a best possible match.

Mentoring is a voluntary activity without any hard commitments. Your Mentor may decide to schedule a coffee chat or a mentoring call with you as per mutual convenience. We only recommend Mentors to contribute upto 30-45 mins of their time per Mentee. It is up to them to continue to mentor post that.

This is purely a voluntary service. We will leave our contact details with you to intimate us about your decision to stop being a Mentee. 

We will try to get you to match with as many Mentors as possible. However, your match is critically dependent upon whether a Mentor accepts your profile.

It is absolutely inappropriate to directly ask for a referral or a job from a Mentor. A mentoring session is like a coffee chat where you are supposed to discuss your background, experience and qualifications and help build a personal connect. It is upto the Mentors to offer to help you. Your objective is simply to leave a lasting impression so that Mentors may remember you whenever there is an opportunity in their network. Sometimes, it takes many interactions to build that rapport. Please read the Do’s and Don’ts of networking article on our platform.

Please read the following articles to be prepared for mentoring

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Experli aims to provide expert local insights to newcomers to Canada in their employment and settling related needs. The idea is to build a central resource repository for newcomers to help them integrate well into the Canadian society. Lets us pave the way for a happier society and help unlock the potential of youth to support Canadian economic prosperity.

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