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Your story can change someone’s life. Share your insights on how you overcame the challenge of finding employment and being a Community Leader.

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All it takes is a minute and a Mentee will remember you for a lifetime.

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A Newcomer makes intense sacrifices to make Canada their Home. Youth is the future of our Country. Lets build it together.

Understand more about Mentor responsibilities below

Please click on the “REGISTER” link below and you shall be directed to a registration page to answer a few questions so that we can know you better. It would not take you more than 5 minutes to fill up the form. Once you submit your form we shall get back to you within 5 working days to confirm your acceptance to our platform or just in case we have any additional questions.

There are no hard qualifications to becoming a Mentor but we generally look for a few years of experience working in an organization. Your acceptance would be dependent upon the needs of the Mentees and a certain Mentor-Mentee ratio that we would want to maintain.

Considering this is a voluntary activity, we ask you how much time you can commit to mentoring in a month. Mentoring is possible over a phone call as well as through physical coffee chats. We only recommend you to contribute 30-45 mins of your time per mentee. It is up to you to continue to mentor post that.

During registration, we ask you about any specific preferences in a potential Mentee and try our best to secure a good match. We share the profile of the Mentees with you and it is upto you to decide if you want to mentor them.

It is a decision you have to make. We have a Featured Mentors page on our website where we list out all the Mentors who choose to make their profile public. Despite your public profile, we would continue to have the same mechanism of sharing details of carefully curated Mentee profiles with you through our platform. Also, in case you want to delist your public profile later on, please let us know and we shall be happy to do so.

This is purely a voluntary event. We will leave our contact details with you to intimate us about your decision to stop being a Mentor. You can resume Mentoring again by letting us know.

Mentoring newcomers is a powerful way to build your influence and shape the future of Canada. Should you offer to become a Featured Mentor on Experli, we also offer you an opportunity to publish articles. Your expert insights are an excellent way to build your credibility within the newcomer community. 

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Experli aims to provide expert local insights to newcomers to Canada in their employment and settling related needs. The idea is to build a central resource repository for newcomers to help them integrate well into the Canadian society. Lets us pave the way for a happier society and help unlock the potential of youth to support Canadian economic prosperity.

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