Your exhaustive guide to all bridging programs in Ontario

Finding employment in Canada is certainly a challenge. One should try to seek all the help one can get. As a newcomer finding all the resources to available to you, especially in a new geography, is not easy. At Experli, our aim to build a central resource repository to help newcomers access these resources on our website. It is a fact that professionals from diverse fields immigrate to Canada to build a better life. There are quite a few bridging programs for such professionals to help find employment. A bridging program is a few weeks course that helps impart Canadian specific knowledge and insights to newcomers. Most program also try to connect program participants to potential employers through networking opportunities. Such programs are primarily conducted by Universities or Government funded Employment agencies. 

This article may help answer some of your questions around: Do you need a bridging program for employment? Please note that the context of this advice would vary as per the employment area you are targeting.

Grant available for bridging programs

Ontario government has a program called Ontario Bridging Participant Assistance Program (OBPAP) through which a one time bursary (grant) of upto $5,000 is available to internationally trained professionals with financial need, to cover tuition, books and equipment costs. All permanent residents to Canada are eligible for it subject to their income. Thus it is a good idea to pursue bridging programs as those eligible for OBPAP funding, may eventually get upto $5000 reimbursed. You should check about OBPAP availability with the program provider before you enroll if you are keen on reimbursement.

Awareness about the bridging programs

A lot of newcomers become aware of bridging programs and about the grant after spending a few months searching for employment. Even if they become aware of it, the programs are few and one has to sometimes wait for a few months to be a part of it. The central idea is to build an awareness of such programs even before immigrants land in Canada so that they can plan on it in advance. Though most of the bridging program partners might require you to attend an information session before you can apply to be a part of it, I know a few cases where candidates got enrolled into the program even before landing. Information sessions are centered around informing you about the eligibility of the program and what qualities they look for in candidates. You can find this critical information online and build a cover letter demonstrating why you are a good fit to work on that possibility.

You may also want to check our mentoring initiative for helping newcomers find employment.


Tool to find the bridging program in Ontario

As of now we have compiled information on the bridging programs available in Ontario. You can use the below link to search the various agencies which provide such a program in your area of search. There are bridging programs in Financial services, IT, Engineering, HR, Healthcare, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain, Accounting, Nursing, Business, Teaching, Skilled Workers and more. For few Program providers we have compiled information like Program Name, Benefits, Eligibility, Fee and Contact details for you. For others we have provided direct links to the Program provider agency.

Bridging Program Finder Tool

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Experli aims to provide expert local insights to newcomers to Canada in their employment and settling related needs. The idea is to build a central resource repository for newcomers to help them integrate well into the Canadian society. Lets us pave the way for a happier society and help unlock the potential of youth to support Canadian economic prosperity.

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